The Absolute Promise Of Agreement – Matthew 18:19

The Absolute Promise Of Agreement

The Absolute Promise Of Agreement

There is an absolute promise of agreement from Jesus that when two Believers agree concerning whatever they ask, it will be done for them by His Father in Heaven. A lot of people take this promise to mean that when at least two Christians are praying in agreement for something, then the Father in Heaven is going to answer their prayer. Yes, that is an amazing promise from Jesus and God does answer our prayers when we agree. 

Most believers are familiar with Jesus when He said if two believers agree on earth concerning whatever they ask, it will be done for them by His Father in heaven, but most people do not understand what Jesus was actually saying. Jesus had just gotten done teaching about how to deal with a sinning brother, a brother who was not agreeing with the other brother. So, one brother had to go and get backup because two or more people had to agree for God to answer the prayer.

Jesus was also about to preach next on unforgiving servants. See, it does not matter who was right and who was wrong because that is usually subjective. What Jesus is stressing here is that we must all forgive anyone we think or know has done us wrong because all of us are guilty of something and we all deserve death, but God is able to forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.

If the other person chooses not to forgive you, then that person may be in the wrong, and even if every person is sided against you, if you are righteous in the eyes of God because you have done the right thing in His sight, then God will agree with you and all the rest of the people may not have God agreeing with them, but He may be agreeing with everyone also. The important thing is to get right with God and amend any wrong with others when possible.

Before Jesus was teaching about dealing with a sinning brother, He was telling a parable about a lost sheep. A parable about that one person with only a mustard seed sized piece of faith within them that was lost, cast aside by his brothers, left out in the wilderness to fend for himself. Though the person seemed to think he was alone, he had done something right in the eyes of God, something that caused Jesus to leave the 99 other sheep and go out and find the one sheep which was lost.

Before Jesus was telling about the lost sheep, Jesus was warning of offenses. Do not be offended by what you see because what you see can be deceiving. Making a judgement about a person based on your past experiences with other people instead of the experience with the person you are dealing with now, can lead the person you are offended by into sin, making you the actual offender and one that can be open to spiritual attacks while Jesus goes out and seeks the one whose heart He loves.

Even before Jesus was talking about offenses, which are usually the product of pride, Jesus was dealing with his disciples arguing about which one of them was the greatest, so Jesus told them about humility. Jesus said humility is required to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. A person must have child like faith in God, dependent upon Him to meet their needs and not think the person is capable of achieving salvation through their own works.

All this took place before they knew about the plan of Jesus being the sacrifice to get them into Heaven. They were thinking what they could do for Jesus or how much Jesus loved them got them into the Kingdom, but only by the Blood of Jesus do we get into Heaven. It is through our child-like humility, yielding to God as our Owner and serving Him by serving others, that we realize what truth really is, and, that truth will set you free and you will realize how much of a slave you really were when you thought you were free.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” –Matthew 18:19

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