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Promise Of Perfect Peace – Isaiah 26:3

Promise Of Perfect Peace – Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” –Isaiah 26:3 There is a promise of perfect peace for the righteous who remain faithful to God. Isaiah was a true prophet of God who wrote about certain judgement and eventual restoration in Israel….

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Blaspheming Holy Spirit Authority – Luke 12:12

Blaspheming Holy Spirit Authority Blaspheming Holy Spirit authority is something many do not understand. What is blaspheming the Holy Spirit? Authority is given to believers by Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Jesus always prepares His followers for the future. In preparing to teach or preach about Jesus, a follower needs to prepare with worship, study and prayer, but, as…

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Battle Of Salvation’s Seed – Acts 4:12

Battle Of Salvation’s Seed God gave a prophecy that said a Seed, or Offspring, would come from the woman, a Savior who would redeem humanity, leading to an earthly battle for souls. Acts 4 starts with Peter and John being arrested for preaching about Jesus. By the power of the resurrected Jesus who was already back in Heaven by…

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